Seiko 5 Sports KOSUKE KAWAMURA Limited Editions
Seiko 5 Sports KOSUKE KAWAMURA Limited Editions
The Seiko 5 Sports collaboration watch with internationally renowned collage artist KOSUKE KAWAMURA is here!

Kosuke Kawamura

The Hiroshima-born creative started off as a graphic designer and began exhibiting his artworks by the early 2000s across Japan and the globe which led to collaborations with the likes of adidas, G- shock, Uniqlo, Gundam, Evangelion, AKIRA and more as his recognizable collage- based style started attracting a larger audience. He first started off with digital collages utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator but moved towards the traditional method of shredding magazines which he would casually find anywhere and specifically avoids the inclusion of famous photos, acclaimed sources or media that provides little to no artistic value. His initial works are heavily inspired by the anarchic American artist Winston Smith.
Collage artist Kosuke Kawamura extracts characteristic designs and elements from Seiko models from the 1960s and 1970s and reconstructed them into these specially designed limited edition models.
The dial and hands extract elements and colors from the popular 1970s Seiko "Time Sonar" model, which used translucent plastic material.

The bezel display, indexes, scale design, and layout also extract elements from the popular Seiko 5 Sports vintage models.

By incorporating various elements into a single watch, a novel and artistic design is achieved.
The two new creations are offered as limited editions with a KOSUKE KAWAMURA signature on each case back alongside the words "LIMITED EDITION" and the serial number.* In an actual product, the case back direction might be different from the image.
A special box unique to this collaboration model is offered with the special package that includes an original poster.

* In an actual product, the specification might be different from the photograph.