Spotlight on Masterpieces

FUGAKU Tourbillon

A Tourbillon with three-dimensional engraving and lacquer work inspired by the art of the Edo Period

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Spring Drive Minute Repeater

A lingering, clear haunting sound with a uniquely Japanese character

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Spring Drive Sonnerie

Purity of sound and purity of motion conveys the serene flow of time

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Eichi II

Master artisanal skills
combined with cutting-edge
technology - an elegant expression
of Japanese aesthetics.

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The Ultimate Gold

The name Credor comes from the French Créte d'Or, meaning ‘’the ultimate of the gold,’’ and has been the name for our collection of high-end watches crafted in precious metals since 1974. Even now, our dedicated master craftsmen use only premium materials and express Japanese beauty and delicate aesthetics. Credor timepieces combine Seiko’s traditional craftsmanship with contemporary, high-end technology, and depend on our over 100 years of watchmaking.