At last,
a watch that adjusts to your time zone.

Astron is the first watch to automatically recognize all time zones on Earth.

The hands automatically adjust to the local time.
With the touch of a single button, Astron adjusts to the correct local time everywhere on the planet.*

Always accurate.
Seiko Astron is accurate to one second every 100,000 years, thanks to the time signal it receives from the Atomic Clocks in each GPS satellite.

Astron never stops.
Astron receives all the power it needs from light absorbed through the dial. Not just sunlight, it is able to use all kinds of light, and store excess energy it produces in a power reserve whose charge level is indicated on the dial.

Astron remains accurate, even on the move.
Astron receives GPS signals even when the wearer is walking or in a vehicle. If you can see the sky, Astron will tell the exact local time, even as you move across borders.

Calendar correction is automatic.
Astron has a perpetual calendar that will not need to be manually corrected until February 28, 2100.

* Daylight Saving Time requires manual operation.

Visit our dedicated Astron site. The Seiko Astron app is now available
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