TimePiece Collections

Simply, the very best of Seiko. Grand Seiko is the pinnacle of Seiko’s achievement as a fully integrated watchmaker. The collection features a wide range of mechanical calibers, including the celebrated 9S series, the unique Spring Drive Caliber 9R series, and the super accurate Quartz Caliber 9F series. All the Grand Seiko calibers have been created with the same fundamental aims; high accuracy, legibility and reliability.

In the Seiko Nation, We Have Outer Space Connections to All Time Zones on Earth.
The only watch to adjust to all 39 time zones on Earth. The search for totally precise time, everywhere on the planet, is over. Using our own patented, low-energy GPS receiver, Seiko has designed a watch that automatically receives time, and day/date data from the global network of GPS satellites. Astron recognizes all thirty-nine time zones on Earth.

For true watchmakers, adventure sports--whether on the sea, on land or in the sky--present the greatest challenges of all. Since Seiko made its first diving watch in 1965, Seiko has been exceeding the expectations of those whose sports require watches with truly professional specifications. Now, Seiko Prospex brings together all Seiko’s sports watch expertise in one collection.

Strength in elegance.
Classic everyday style and desirable perfection meet in one watch with the Coutura collection. From sports timepieces for men to coveted diamond designs for women, Coutura carries your personal style.

Representing both strength and elegance, the Sportura collection achieves a unique look for those who desire a sporty yet stylish timepiece. Alarm Chronograph, Chronograph, Kinetic and Diver watches create an unforgettable collection for both men and women.

Since 1881, Seiko has been dedicated to expanding the horizons of watchmaking. Today, the innovation continues with the advanced technology of Seiko Solar. Because it converts all types of light into energy, no battery replacement is ever required. With a twelve-month power reserve and three bar water resistance, Seiko Tressia is as convenient for you as it is good for the planet. And, as a special creation designed in support of the Go Red For Women movement.Tressia`s heart is in the right place.

Classic inspiration.
Modern expression

The Premier men’s collection includes quartz and mechanical calibers, but front and center is a range of Kinetic watches, including the remarkable Kinetic Direct Drive, a motion powered watch which reveals energy transfer in real time.

Le Grand Sport
The Le Grand Sport collection makes a statement on any wrist with both elegant style and superior function. Kinetic, Solar, Diamond and everyday classic timepieces create an unforgettable collection for both men and women.

The Ultimate Gold
The name Credor comes from the French Créte d'Or, meaning ‘’the ultimate of the gold,’’ and has been the name for our collection of high-end watches crafted in precious metals since 1974. Even now, our dedicated master craftsmen use only premium materials and express Japanese beauty and delicate aesthetics. Credor timepieces combine SEIKO’s traditional craftsmanship with contemporary, high-end technology, and depend on our over 100 years of watchmaking expertise to create this exclusive, high grade beauty.

The Trend Setter
SEIKO developed the Galante Collection for the truly mature man; a leader meeting the world with his own identity and armed with a well-rooted personal philosophy. Galante features a Spring Drive mechanism and dependable mechanical movement. The unique case design will inspire your passion and represent the owner's unique style.

The craftsmanship of Katana. The cutting edge of Seiko. Ananta, from the ancient Sanskrit for ‘infinite’, best described the collection that embodies Seiko’s infinite dedication to perfection in a collection that pays homage to Katana, the ancient Japanese art of sword making.

Precision timing on the open seas. For those whose lives are dedicated to sailing and racing on the high seas, Seiko created Velatura, a marine collection which pays homage to their skill, bravery and dedication.

A new generation of watches. Iconic archival design meets advanced green technology that recrafts light into solar energy, your body's motion into kinetic energy, mechanical engineering into automatic power. Discover the entire Recraft Series - our progressive new generation of watches.

Seiko Clocks
Seiko, founded in 1881, is committed to the art and science of time. The story of Seiko began when Kintaro Hattori opened a clock repair store in central Tokyo at the age of 22. Just eleven years later, the company made its first clock and, in 1895, its first pocket watch. From then, a revolutionary watch and clockmaking enterprise was born. Seiko continues to dream of new adventures in time and is still proudly dedicated to the perfection that founder Kintaro Hattori always strove to achieve. While continuing to offer classic styles that pay homage to Seiko’s clockmaking foundation, Seiko showcases a stunning collection of modern clocks in many categories, building a fresh platform for the future of Seiko clocks.